Good Feng Shui!

I will admit that while I have studied astrology enough to believe there is something to it, I cannot be certain that Feng Shui makes a bit of difference in the long run. However, that being said, how can the Chinese culture get it SO wrong when they determined the earliest most accurate approximation of pi? That and their record of inventions are enough for me to at least try and get on the Feng Shui bandwagon!

One of the most important concepts in Feng Shui is of trying to cure the inauspicious stars, especially the 5 Yellow Star, which is in an unfavorable direction, each year. One is supposed to hang a metal wind chime in the direction of the 5 Yellow Star, and move said wind chime each year.

I started doing this years ago, but due to a lot of things happening around last year’s 2010 Chinese New Year, I completely forgot to move my wind chime to the SW, which was where the 5 Yellow Star resided last year. Unfortunately, the SW is where my bedroom, and bed, are located, which according to many articles was not only a no-no, but would have made it doubly important that I try a Feng Shui cure!

This is only anecdotal evidence, however, I will say that the Chinese Year of the Tiger that began on February 14th, 2010 did not start auspiciously and in fact the good fortune that had seemingly begun in January and early February, went South almost immediately and just continued from there! Can I blame the fact that I did not move my wind chime to my SW located bedroom? Who knows! But did I move my wind chime to the East where the malevolent 5 Yellow Star now resides for this Year of the Rabbit? Hell yes!

My Taiwanese born friend, even hearing about certain work issues in 2010, sent me a water fountain for my birthday. A water fountain is supposedly a good feng shui cure for career areas. Did I immediately put together said water fountain and place it in the North like a good girl? Nope! Just let it sit there all year, while disasters happened until I finally put it together several weeks ago, wondering if things might have gone better had I actually put said water fountain where I knew I should have (although my friend did not specify to put it in the career area, she knew full well I know of Feng Shui and I’m sure expected me to do so!).

This is why I’m passing along this important information to all of you! Maybe Feng Shui means nothing. But after last year, I’m not tempting fate! Besides, anything to motivate me to keep my apartment organized and clutter-free! Oh, and although not an official feng-shui cure, how could one go wrong with the above Gold Brick Fort Knox Notepad to symbolize future wealth (or at least get one thinking about saving money!)?


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