I almost bought this box in a store the other day. I happened upon it again while trolling Modcloth.com. Synchronicity? Kismet? Meant to Be? Not entirely sure it’s all that, but I will say that the time between eclipses, in this case all of June pretty much, can be a strange time. I’ve been saying goodbye to friends wondering if they’re the only people I’m going to say goodbye to this month or if there will be other surprise departures of all sorts down the line. As much as I hate goodbyes, I have to admit that saying goodbye to one thing really does open doors to another. Perhaps you really can’t get “from here and there to there and here” without some “random crap” (aka endings/beginnings) happening. Although I would argue that the universe isn’t as random as we think it is, but perhaps there is more kismet involved than we realize. But sometimes it takes longer than we’d like to see this. Just as the long hand of Karmic Justice may take much longer to come around than we’d like, it may take years to see that what we thought was “random crap” was actually something leading us in the right direction! And speaking of Karma, Saturn, planet of Karma, turned direct late last night. This might mean that an area of our lives where we’ve been frustrated, perhaps since January 26th when Saturn turned Retrograde, may begin to ease up and we might begin to feel like we’re making headway soon! Which is great news considering all the random crap the eclipses seem to bringing!


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