Full Thunder Moon Mix Tape!

Full Thunder Moon Mix Tape!

The Full Thunder Moon occurred at 2:40 am EDT on July 15! We are finally out of the Triple Eclipse Bermuda Triangle that started off our Summer, although the effects of the eclipses, like the reverberation of a sonic boom, will be felt for the remainder of the Summer months. There is much more drama ahead, from the Murdoch phone tapping scandal, to whether or not the U.S. of A. will get it together in the budget department before defaulting on our debt, and downgrading our AAA status. As sometimes major effects from eclipses can be felt dramatically around a month of so after the eclipse, expect the time around July 30th through August 1st or 2nd to be a tad drama filled (which is not coincidentally the debt deadline). Oh, how those dot com boom days seem so like the roaring 20’s in hindsight!

This past Full Moon planetary configurations had no Grand Cross like the previous Solar Eclipse New Moon, and gave us a resting point of contemplation in the middle of what has been for the past few years, the hottest month of the year. Looks as though the rest of the month until our New Moon on July 30th there will be a heat wave for half of the country! Also notable is that we really are half way through 2011 at this point. With Uranus having turned Retrograde July 9th, and the other outer planets Neptune and Pluto also Retrograde for the rest of the Summer, there’s a bit push to reflect on the progress made in the first half of the year. Plus, almost all of August will be in the Mercury Retrograde Zone, making everyone do a double take, in order to move forwards again in one area of life in the Fall.

So, in the spirit of looking back in order to move forwards, have a listen to the “Full Thunder Moon” mix tape!


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