“Midnight Sun” Mix Tape!

“Midnight Sun” Mix Tape!

The fiery New Moon in Leo arrived at 2:38 pm EDT, this hot July afternoon! Leo is the sign ruled by the Sun, and most Leo’s personality are sunny and commanding. However, Mercury will be going Retrograde soon on August 2nd at 11:35 pm, EDT. until August 26th, and one can’t help but think that this Merc Retro will turn our thoughts perhaps instead of to the sunshine outside, to an inner Midnight Sun. With the Triple eclipses in June and July and now Mercury going retrograde soon, there’s a lot to think over, and I think a lot that’s yet to be sorted out, at least with our national budget! I cannot but help be appalled that the decision to raise the debt ceiling has been left like someone writing their term paper the night before it’s due! Nevermind that to astrologers the real deadline is figuring the whole thing out before Mercury goes retrograde after August 2nd! Even if they do manage to find a last minute deal, there may be fine tunings given often what happens during a Mercury Retro Shadow (in this case from July 16th through August 2nd) needs re-working during the actual Retrograde itself. And if they don’t figure it out by August 2nd, as an astrologer I shutter to think what will be happening during this upcoming Retrograde cycle! Fingers crossed we don’t have another economic meltdown!

So the theme is “Midnight Sun” for this next Moon cycle and also Mercury Retrograde cycle; listen to the tunes here.


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