Dreams, Retrogrades, and the Pisces New Moon!

Dreams, Retrogrades, and the Pisces New Moon!

So I think this is the latest a “New Moon Mix tape” has ever come out–almost a week after the official New Moon in Pisces, which was last Monday, Feb 21st at 5:34 pm EST. Pisces isn’t exactly the sign to come running out of the gates at the start of the race, so I figured I had some leeway. And well, is it just me or has this Mars Retrograde been perfectly ghastly and shocking!?! Perfectly normal people have turned insanely angry over seemingly nothing, and it seems as though almost everything is the opposite of what it should be. Of course, this week Mars Retrograde has opposed Mercury, while Venus has been Inconjunct (150 degrees-fancy way of saying “off balance”) with Mars. Things have been volatile, and some relationships, estranged. Calgon take me away!

What’s a Mars Retrograde good for then? Lord knows that it’s warm enough here in NYC to feel as though spring is here, so luckily, I’ve been getting a bit of a jump start on the spring cleaning, which is perfectly suited for a retrograde of this type. Especially given that Mars is in Mr. Picky Virgo, which is great for the discrimination it takes to weed away at either the that pile or paperwork or your overflowing wardrobe! Letting go of things from the past, or instead re-connecting with things or people from the past, is a big theme of retrogrades. I find them to be especially good times to let go of possessions that are no longer working for you, as you might even have the urge to start from a clean slate and get rid of things without even knowing what it is that you’ll be getting in the future. There’s a saying that nature abhors a void, so that if you want something new, you have to let go of something that you already have.

Given that we have until April 13th until Mars goes direct, and given that Mercury will be joining Mars in the backwards motion in the sky on March 13th through April 4th I would advise everyone to take a firm seat on their meditation cushion and try and watch the dramatic events that might be unbelievably unfolding before your eyes with a grain of salt! What goes up, must come down. There are rules of physics here people! Remember that karma will eventually catch up to everyone, so it might be best to keep a low profile and not get angry if someone happens to scream two inches in front of your face. Don’t get caught up in the dramatics! View life as a dream–because maybe if you’re looking from the other side, that’s how it seems.

So I bring you a “Dream” mixtape for our New Moon in Pisces! You can listen below or if you’re on Spotify, here.


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