Fall Equinox & Mercury Retrograde in Libra: T...

Fall Equinox & Mercury Retrograde in Libra: Time to Find Balance

I don’t know about anybody else but it feels like I’ve been on some sort of cosmic “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” from some nether region of the Solar System. The eclipses of August are still being felt it seems. Change and the unexpected, from the Presidential Race to Wall Street continues to be the norm. And now things are just going to turn even more upside down with Mercury going Retrograde this coming Wednesday the 24th of September.

I wish I could say I was going on vacation soon and could ride the three weeks of retrograde out on some Spanish speaking island far away where siestas rule, but no, I will be here to experience everything this retrograde has to show us. Exactly what it will show us will most likely be individual but as the sign this retrograde is occurring in is in Libra, everyone will have to figure out how to balance some big issue in their lives.
It could be in regards to relationships as Libra is the sign of partnership, but Libra is also the sign of justice and the law. The symbol for Libra is in fact a woman holding two scales and is almost the same as the symbol of the woman of justice holding a sword blindfolded while holding scales. Decisions will most likely be unable to be made until after the retrograde on October the 15th, although the “shadow” which has gone on since September 4th will continue until October 31st. Only at the start of November may we get real clarity on things that will happen in late September though mid October.
In addition to all of this the equinox, the exact balance of light and dark is coming up quick on September 22nd. Take this time to breathe in and let go of the massive changes that have happened over the Summer. Find a point of balance even if it’s for a moment, for more change this Fall is likely to happen. Breathe in, breathe out, and let a new Season of Harvest, Reflection and turning inward begin.


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