The Great Historic Mercury Retrograde Bailout of 2...

The Great Historic Mercury Retrograde Bailout of 2008!

Now I realize that people are not clamoring to hear about the state of the economy from AstroMuse, but I must let everyone know that I am deeply dissapointed that the 700 Billion dollar bailout package was passed today, during a time of Mercury Retrograde of all days!

Does anyone remember another time Mercury was retrograde in Libra? Say the 2000 Presidential Election Day of November 7th when for half the voting day Mercury was still Retrograde? Remember how people complained that Bush “stole” the election because of hanging chads? Remember how much confusion there was regarding “justice” in the election? Note that Libra is the sign of Justice and that during retrograde things don’t move “forwards”? Putting this together we have a picture of Justice having trouble being made, and perhaps having in fact a lack of Justice.

Well flash forward to 2008 when Mercury is Retrograde in Libra and what do we have? The President claiming the sky is falling and we should bailout failed banks and Wall Street with more money than anyone has ever heard of. Does anyone give a reason why it’s so much? Is 700 billion a nice round number? Will we ever get the money back? I have a sneaking suspicion that this will turn out to be Bush’s worst decision yet! Worse than the War in Iraq even! And even more dissapointing is that both presidential candidates voted for it! Neither one suggested we think this through, maybe get a team of economists together to determine how we got into this and maybe think about other alternatives to simply throwing money at a problem.

But isn’t this the American way? Let’s throw money at the problem? Isn’t that what we consider justice? If you win a case, you get money and lots of it right? That’s why there’s lawyers right to get money from other people.

Only history will tell, but my opinion on this economic decision is: It’s Bad News! It’s always best to wait on making decisions during a Mercury Retrograde and I don’t think this decision will prove to be different.


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