A World Apart: Caught between Two Eclipses, a Rock...

A World Apart: Caught between Two Eclipses, a Rock and a Hard Place

We are halfway between between the Solar Eclipse in Leo on August the 1st and the Lunar Eclipse with Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius on August 16th. Some of us, myself included, may be feeling like we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. It feels like ages since the eclipse because major changes may have gone on. Schisms unknown may have suddenly presented themselves seemingly from out of the blue even though they may have been building unnoticed underground. Eclipses have traditionally been known to release something from someone’s life. Whatever it is, one usually has no control over the loss: people may do things from left field and there’s no way to address the issue to any resolution. In that case the best thing is to let go. Especially during this time when another eclipse is coming up in a week. Both of these eclipses are occurring in the sign of Leo, the sign that rules self-expression, creativity, joy, and romantic love. If someone is unable to allow you to express yourself, be joyful, or want you to shut down when you’re with them, whether friend or romantic attachment they may not be right for you in your life at the moment. Leo is about expansion of the heart and expression, not excessive restraint or pretending to be whom your not for the sake of someone else’s ego. It may seem like there may be more change to come and usually the second lunar eclipse also brings another form of release. Given that Uranus, the planet of sudden change is in a “crisis” aspect for the lunar eclipse on the 16th, another schism out of left field may appear. Try not to let it jolt you too much and realize that after these eclipses there will be a new playing field, if not literally then metaphorically for Leo’s are nothing if not about creative play.


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