Creativity Dates!

Creativity Dates!

After spontaneously deciding to go to Governor’s Island when the weather was so amazingly beautiful last Friday, I realized I need more, what I’d like to term “Creativity Dates” in my life! I took the ferry over on what would be the last Friday ferry service of the year, with my camera and all, and meandered around the island. I would stop every bit and sit on a bench admiring the view and jotting down ideas for creative projects in my journal. I brainstorm better when I’m moving–quite literally–which is why I going for a walk or exploring a new part of the city is a great way for me to expand my creative thoughts!

Sitting in Picnic Point, I experimented with some time lapse photography watching the boats and ferries move back and forth. There is what seems to be a community garden there and people were harvesting. I also jumped on the swingsets there, something I haven’t done in ages! With very few people around I felt less inhibited, free to think whatever I wanted.

I’m determined that I should make a list of places to take myself for “Creativity Dates” and then try and go once a week! At the very least I will enjoy a new part of the city or a place I haven’t been to in a long time. And maybe I will come away from the excursion with a whole new perspective on ideas for projects and perhaps solutions for some of my most pressing creative problems!

Wishing everyone a happy and creative weekend!


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