Changeover from Sun in Leo to Sun in Virgo, Time t...

Changeover from Sun in Leo to Sun in Virgo, Time to Reflect on Being Human and Improving One’s Life!

Something was in the air this past week. I couldn’t tell what it was, but things felt . . . different. Then it suddently hit me on Thursday: the Sun changed over from being in Leo to Virgo around the 22nd! I always think of August as a Leo month, but after the 22nd Virgo holds sway and is in charge.

Virgo, unlike other signs which are associated with animals, such as Leo with the Lion, or Taurus with the Bull, or even Sagittarius with the centaur (half-man, half-horse), Virgo’s sign is ruled by a fair maiden, fully human. I think this is important to understand, as Virgo’s can sometimes seem so, well tempermental. The not so nice words to describe them can be picky and critical. But really, this is a very human part of us. Humans are picky! Whether it’s that we should be eating whole grain cereals for breakfast instead of sugar laden processed puffs, or whether it’s editing a manuscript in order to make sure everything in understandable and the p’s and q’s are crossed instead of having poor punctuation and bad grammer, the quest to be human involves the nicer word of discernation. Virgo’s discern! And this can mean that many of them are more finely attuned than most. They notice the little things, in the quest to become more human, and that can make them more sensitive.

So for us all, when the Sun is transition, we have a tendency to feel this energy. We start to notice things that we might not otherwise, and that can lead us to want to change things that we suddenly see aren’t befitting for the lifestyle we’ve always envisioned for ourselves! Sun in Virgo is a great time to break any bad habits and start afresh in our goals for a better us! The Sun is in Virgo until around September 22nd, so use this time to become more of the human being that you were always meant to be!


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