Venus Retrograde = W.I.P. (Work In Progress)

Venus Retrograde = W.I.P. (Work In Progress)

Perhaps it’s because I’m a Taurus and with the upcoming ruler of my sign, Venus, going Retrograde Thursday evening, I feel like I’m not moving “forwards” in my life, which is a most uncomfortable feeling for me. If astrology has any say in how things are going to go, I may even feel like my life is actually moving “backwards” soon! Hence, I feel like wearing a “Work in Progress” sign.

Some of my friends have sweetly asked me if I’ve found a new job already. I have forgiven them because, well, I am that type of person who has things together when it comes to work. I was, after all, a straight A, front of the class, student. If a project is to be done, it gets done on time and not late, because I loathe procrastinating. Although I like to analyze a project and problem from all angles I equally like having found a strategy and deciding what to do, and will not waste time finding a solution and implementing it. I have a time schedule for everything and everything that I work on gets completed to perfection. So I shouldn’t be surprised when friends think that given my natural workaholic nature I should be readily employed again. . . and I agree with them! If I could snap my fingers I would be employed, dotting those i’s and minding my p’s and q’s, but there is only so much that is in one’s direct control.

Alas, I cannot snap my fingers and find a new job, and even though I think my resume is killer as is my portfolio (not to mention my diehard sense of determination, creativity, and ability to learn new things quickly) I am afraid that due to the economy, and other factors that are completely beyond my control, I may have to wait longer than I would like to re-enter the 9-5 (actually the 9-9 as I’ve found) working world.

Knowing about the crappy state of the economy (yes, that’s a technical term economists throw around a lot) I’ve been preparing myself for this reality, and have been strategizing an upgrade to my skill set that should hopefully make me even more employable in the future! However, this is also not an instant process. . . it’s a work in progress that is going to take some time.

In fact, if everyone would take a good hard look at their lives, they’d see that all of life is a W.I.P. We have jobs that give us our identity and make us feel like we fit in to society in a certain way, but ultimately that’s an easy answer for who we are. I feel many are hoping that I find a job quickly to allay their own fears about if they were to lose their jobs. No one wants to think that one isn’t in control of one’s destiny completely. But the truth is, one isn’t. If you have personal connections somewhere, it is easier to get your foot in the door, especially in harder economic times.

The only thing that one is in control of is oneself! So I can work on myself while continuing to sending out resumes, cover letters, and portfolio’s, and hopefully that will translate into a new job at the end of the road. How long is this road? I don’t know, but one just has to keep going, learning, transforming oneself and hoping that ultimately this process will change one’s life so much that new possibilities will open.

During the coming Venus Retrograde we may all have certain areas of our life become very obvious WIP’s. Maybe it won’t be a huge portion of your life, unless you’re a Taurus like myself, but whatever area of your chart that Venus rules, will get a huge makeover from October 8th through November 18th!


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