The Wheel of Boethius, and the Consolation of Venu...

The Wheel of Boethius, and the Consolation of Venus and Pluto turning Direct

Boethius was a prison writer during Medieval years. You don’t see many whose work stands the test of time, let alone do you get the accolades of being referenced in the post modern cult movie 24 Hour Party People by the main narrator Tony Wilson talking all knowingly about life.

So Boethius comes highly recommended by many and it’s with good reason. His work The Consolation of Philosophy is an all time classic and it would stand everyone in good stead to contemplate his main thesis, if not actually read the book, which is that the wheel of fortune continues to turn and that ultimately ones happiness does not depend upon whether one has good or bad fortune as it does ones inner self.

Venus has been retrograde since late July and Pluto since March 31st. These may have been trying times for many. Many things might have happened to give one pause and really truly think about what’s meaningful in ones life and indeed whether one’s sunny outlook has more to do with the outer than the inner. Retrogrades are always great times to look inside and re-think one’s attitude towards the outer. As news events will tell us, those of us that are safe from hurricanes, floods, and fires at the moment are very lucky indeed. However, loss of lady luck does not mean that life is over, for indeed everything is transitory, both the good and the bad times.

So when Pluto goes direct this Friday the 7th, and Venus goes direct this Saturday the 8th, while things that perhaps have been more of a struggle than not will seem to ease, and burdens may lift, it’s good to remember that good and bad times are all parts of the cycle. And that to fully live one must have both sun and rain, and while you may get too much of one or the other at one point in your life, cycles change. Taking note that you can be happy with good fortune and bad, is something to consider at a time when for the Northern Hemisphere we’re approaching  the equinox where the day and night is equal and then the night becomes longer. Instead of being sad that the daylight is getting shorter, maybe it’s a reminder that in many of our hectic lives, we should be getting more rest both physically and psychically to be able to recharge ourselves.

For even rock band moguls realize at a certain point that one can’t fly too close to the sun without getting burned.


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