Tennis Anyone? Air and Fire Signs Volleying and Ac...

Tennis Anyone? Air and Fire Signs Volleying and Acing!

I went to the US Open this Saturday! It got me thinking about astrology and tennis: can there be any correlation between great tennis players and their Sun Signs?

Before going to the Open I had been watching the games during the week and I was thinking to myself about the Williams sisters and how intense they are in their shots and wanted to see what their Sun signs are. I thought for sure they’d be fire signs, what with their intense power shots and domination of the court. But no, in fact they are both air signs! Venus, the older sister is a Gemini. While Serena, the younger is a Libra.

I naturally associate all sports with fire signs. Fire signs are signs of action, love of sport, and even combat. In particular Aires, is the sign that is directly ruled by the planet Mars, the God of War. So naturally I associate sports with Aries as aside from their combative tendencies, they like to be Number 1, and be first at everything and they will be as assertive and aggressive as possible to get there. Even if they don’t seem via looks like they would be an agressive personality.

I know one woman who while her Ascendant is in Scorpio, making people’s first impressions of her be one of quiet intensity, has her Sun sign in Leo and her Moon in Aries. You wouldn’t guess it by her blond hair and professional clothing but growing up she used to watch World Wrestling Fridays while painting her toenails and in college was a rugby player! And when she once told me about her single days trying to meet men she described a strategy to attract the male sex that would be worthy of any military general today. That’s a double fire sign for you, but especially having the Moon in Aries I think gives her a desire to be the best and win.

It surprised me that the dynamo Williams sisters are air signs, however, Air signs are very much known for their ability to spar and play back and forth, apparently whether ideas, or balls! I think the repartee aspect of tennis gives Air Signs an advantage and the lightness of the sign can give them a quickness on their feet that makes sense that they would be so good and perhaps more importantly, enjoy tennis. My father is a Gemini and he’s always loved tennis, although never being a professional. At first I thought the duality aspect of both Gemini (the twins) and Libra (sign of a balance with two weights on both sides) had a lot to do with the air signs aiblity to excel in such a back and forth sport. Yet, I did find out that champion John McEnroe is an Aquarian, so perhaps it’s all air signs!

So when I was at the open watching Tommy Haas vs Sebastien Grosjean I began to wonder what signs were competing against one another. It turns out Tommy is a hard hitting drop shot playing and well tanned Aries, while Sebastien went for more finesse including amazing shots between the legs as he’s a Gemini! While both were amazing and well matched players, it was interesting to see how the Aries was given a run for his money by the Gemini guy, whose Mercurial element had him all over the court hitting back those extreme side shots by the Aries! And while Tommy has his aces down, the winged feet of Mercury helped Sebastien fly across the court to return more than normal.

Ultimately at the end of 5 sets, the Aries, pulled out the muscle and won the match! He even switched shirts from his white tee to a fire martian red color for the very last set. Whether it was because he had sweat so much or because he wanted to show the world and his opponnent his true fire and aggressive colors I don’t know. But he did manage to win! I’ll have to keep an eye out for who ends up continuing on in this US Open!


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