The Un-Goals of 2013!

2013 has arrived, and already I’m feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland, falling into the adventures of this year without having any kind of real time for reflection on what I’d like to accomplish. It’s been a bit of a dizzying pace for January, which should by all calculations be the slowest month of the year, filled with loads of time for contemplating what resolutions one should make and where one wants to go with ones life, punctuated by an occasional hot cocoa! Instead it is almost the middle of January and I am just wishing you a “Happy New Year!” I did not, this holiday season, manage to send out even one holiday card despite my best intentions to, I was so overwhelmed by the holidays.

Consequentially, since I was too stressed to even think about what I wanted my New Years Resolutions to be, I have deemed 2013 the year of “Relax & Rejuvenate!” 2012 was a year of great ups and downs. Astrologically it started off with some major turmoil, a Mars Retrograde in January, and then a Venus Retrograde in Spring, both of which took up more than half the year! Venus does not Retrograde again until December of 2013, so we have loads of time to move forwards! I’ve decided that as I relax into the year, I will discover new ways to rejuvenate and make the right changes in my life. Oftentimes people only make resolutions at the beginning of a year, but really that might not be the best time, and why limit oneself? And for those of us exhausted from the holidays that came too soon after too many national disasters and tragedies, we’re going to need more than one hot cocoa to determine what changes we really need to make in our lives.

As Alice celebrates “un-birthdays” I think we should all celebrate “un-goals” or at least the thought that maybe anytime of the year is great for setting a goal, and we shouldn’t feel rushed to make all our resolutions by the time January ends. I’m a Taurus, after all, and I hate to be rushed (and feel none of the other zodiac signed should be rushed either!).

So here’s a playlist for the start of 2013; may the start be a good one, but may the rest of the year contain fun, adventure, and good times (and maybe some goal setting if you really inspired)!


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