Strange Days Are These–the June Astrological...

Strange Days Are These–the June Astrological Eclipse Forecast!

I can feel it in the air, almost. I get the feeling some kind of roller coaster is coming up ahead, and well, I’ve never been such a fan of roller coasters. I went on the Cyclone in Coney Island once and thought! I! was! going! to! die!!! I was so relieved and glad when I got off the coaster and my head had not snapped off like I felt it was going to. That’s somehow how I picture the next three eclipses to be! Not as pretty as I’d like them to be.

We’re set for a New Moon eclipse on June 1st at 5:00 pm EDT, a Full Moon eclipse on June 15th at 4:12 pm EDT, and then the Grand Finale Act III New Moon eclipse on July 1st at 4:53 am EDT.

New Moon eclipses are supposed to allow for a fresh start in a whole new area, while Full Moon eclipses are supposed to shut down an area so that something new can take it’s place, although in general with eclipses there’s a lot of shutting down of something old so that something new can take it’s place.

I think that there’s going to be a building process to these eclipses, especially given that the final July 1st eclipse contains within it a very strong Grand Cross involving the eclipsed Sun and Moon at 9 degrees Cancer opposing Pluto (planet of Big Tough Change) square Uranus (planet of Unexpected Change) also square Saturn (Mr. Taskmaster & Karma). The good news is that for the last two eclipses on June 15th and July 1st Neptune will be trine the Sun and Jupiter will be trine Pluto, meaning we might get a little bit of help from our personal Spiritual Guru or Big Guy in our life to help us through whatever kind of ginormous change the eclipses, and especially the July 1st eclipse, brings.

Already friends are making big changes, leaving jobs and moving to another coast entirely in some cases. The important thing to remember if these eclipses bring big change is that if something is going to leave now, it was somehow holding you back, whether or not you realize it now. We all get into ruts but change forces us out of our rut and allows us to grow more fully into who we are.

More on the eclipses as they take place but in the meantime, if you’d like to peruse the charts individually they are below.


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