One of My Favourite Things!

Everyone has their favourite things. Oprah has a column in her magazine about them. Maria sings about them in the “Sound of Music”. I do not. For one thing, I don’t have my own magazine. And not usually the burst into song type, I have been known to do so, but I’m more like the “Singing Frog” cartoon character who only does things when no one else is looking. So that rules out doing a music video about my favourite things and putting it up on YouTube.

But I do like blogging about my favourite things, and one of them is this milk frother from Ikea! For less than $3 you can have your home or work coffee taste like you bought it from a fancy coffee shop! You could buy something for more money that would do the same thing, but why? I bought two so I could bring one to work, and I cannot tell you how many people have commented on it. There’s a little hard to find, but near the coffee mug section in the Brooklyn Ikea. Next time you’re there I recommend picking up a couple!

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