Seeing Double: It’s Mercury Retrograde!

Seeing Double: It’s Mercury Retrograde!


Mercury began its retrograde journey this past Friday the 20th and will continue moving backwards in the sky (but not in actuality!) until September 12th when on September 27th it will finally wrap up and leave the “shadow” that began on August 1st.

What does this all mean? Well for one thing astrologers say that one should not necessarily start something “new” during a Mercury Retrograde, MR for short. The reason behind this lies with the Twins, the symbol of Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury. It seems that with MR, it’s almost like things start to appear in double! Either in having to do the simplest things twice, or having things happen in two’s! There is sometimes even a doppleganger quality to events and people that seems to happen. . . almost a good twin/evil twin kind of duplicity that either one becomes aware of or presents itself.

For this reason that something new may involve false starts, or having to do things twice, it’s said that it would be best to in fact, look backwards, instead of looking forwards. In fact, though most people will not feel the desire to try go against the flow of the astrological river, and forge ahead. Most will feel a subtle shift to reviewing the past and the way things have been, with an eye for revision. . . so that once the retrograde period is over, a new start of sorts can take place.

We’ll be seeing double for the next three weeks, and with the Sun having moved into Virgo today, and the MR itself all happening within the sign of Virgo, there’s bound to be double the fun in regards to all things Virgo! That means cleaning, organizing, health and exercise. It’s a great time to re-think your eating habits, how often you exercize, whether or not your apartment needs an overhaul in terms of re-organization, or if your paperwork just needs tidying up!

I’ll be posting more throughout the next three weeks giving some food for thought on various aspects of this particular MR, so stay tuned!


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