Leo New Moon leading up to Lunar Eclipse on the 28...

Leo New Moon leading up to Lunar Eclipse on the 28th!

The new moon in Leo happened last night at 7:04 pm EDT. The double fire new moon felt very invigorating to me, giving extra energy for new projects. Leo is a very creative, romantic sign, and now is a good time to initiate new ventures in this area.
This is also an interesting new moon because of the number of planets in the sign of Leo. Mercury, the Moon, the Sun, Saturn, and Venus are all in Leo. While there are no planets in a Earth sign, Saturn and Venus are almost exactly conjunct. Saturn is the planet of responsibility, of discipline, and time and rule the planet Capricorn. Saturn doesn’t let you get away with anything. You have to earn what you get. It’s like karma coming around, whether you like it or not. Jupiter is more of an expansive, kind of free ride planet, but Saturn is the opposite. Gravity always applies with Saturn.

So it’s interesting to have this combination of Saturn combined so closely with retrograding Venus during a new moon. This seems like it’s starting off a very powerful and yet serious two weeks before what will be a lunar eclipse on the full moon of August 28th. It seems like Venus conjuct Saturn is asking you to really really evaluate what’s meaningful to you. Where do your values really lie and will they last you in the long run? It seems during this Venus retrograde that many people are changing things in their life. Many are moving for new jobs (Venus was retrograde in Virgo and Virgo does rule work). Many are rethinking if they’re living a creative enough life, (Venus now retrograde in Leo).

The eclipse in several weeks will take place in the Sun sign of Virgo and the moon sign of Pisces, and I’ll take a look at the aspects in that chart later on, but in general eclipses bring about change. And change is not always good because many resist it, myself included, but it seems with life one can only ride out change, be aware of the flow and just go with it. Many have already had change, but perhaps it will all culminate even more towards the end of this month. Perhaps endings will be decided and new beginnings will start. For in order to have new starts, there must be endings. The Virgo Pisces polarity is one of reality vs transcendance, of order vs. chaos, of practicality vs spirituality. Illuminations may come towards the end of this Summer, and certain aspects of reality can be transcended, but Venus conjunct Saturn is saying, don’t forget to keep your feet on the ground, or else gravity will do it for you.


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