Flossie, Sedna, Neptune, The Clash of the Titans a...

Flossie, Sedna, Neptune, The Clash of the Titans and will the Hurricane hit Hawaii?

I will admit right now that I have no idea if hurricane Flossie will make a direct impact on Hawaii. I am no weather forecaster and I certainly hope that it will not. However, I will say that late last week I was getting a little antsy about the news and how calm everyone was seeming about it. Like there wasn’t a real chance of it hitting directly and that of course it was going to weaken. And now Hawaii has declared a state of emergency and the storm that was supposed to have weakened by now, is according to forecasters staying right put in it’s Category 3 state for the moment.

Perhaps it’s because a tornado hit Brooklyn on Wednesday morning of August the 8th during a huge thunderstorm, closer than not to my neighborhood in Brooklyn. I knew it was unusual as lightening every 10 seconds and thunder scarring me to the middle of my tiny apartment as far away as possible from the windows, isn’t a normal occurance here. This was the first tornado in Brooklyn since 1889! That combined with bridges falling down suddenly, makes it seem like strange things are happneing everywhere.

So it wouldn’t surprise me in general if the hurricane turns a different direction than it’s current course just because flooding and monsoons have been going on what seems like more often than not this year. I mean, look at the monsoons in Asia which have displaced over 10 million people and killed over 500.

But what interests me is that currently there is a Neptune, Sedna clash going on. What does this mean and who the heck are these Neptune and Sedna characters? Well, in relatively simple terms Neptune is the god of the Sea. Remember the 1981 movie Clash of the Titans (and wasn’t that a good movie, by the way. Didn’t you see it like a zillion times growing up and it never got old!) and how Poseidon was going to destroy Argos with a flood? Well, Poseidon is simply the Greek name for the Roman god named Neptune. The guy with the three forked spear thing.

Now Sedna, is the Inuit Goddess of the sea. She didn’t come by her title through happiness though. She was given in marriage by her father to what seems to be a fabulous guy. However, said guy, is actually a raven in disguise and kidnaps her to live on a remote island. Her father comes to visit, realizes his daughter is in trouble, they get away on a boat but then the Raven seems to create a terrible storm, and the father chickens out and tosses Sedna overboard trying to appease the raven causing the storm in order to save his own life. What betrayal! While Sedna supposedly gets to be the Goddess of the Underworld now, that’s a horrible way to go.

But my main point here is that two very big (Sedna is a dwarf planet by the way, the same a Pluto), planets are now square (90 degrees) in perhaps a metaphorical “Clash of the Titans” in the sky. Both rule very large bodies of water. Both seem in the myths to have unresolved anger issues. It all seems to lead to storm city!

And where does Hawaii fit into all of this? Well, in looking at the new moon chart I was also fascinated how the new moon in Leo is at almost 20 degrees. Neptune is opposed at 20 degrees Aquarius. And Sedna is exactly in between the two at 20 degrees Taurus. This is a pattern called a T-square and it’s highly tense. Throw Saturn and Venus into that mix only 7 degrees away from the new moon at 27 degress Leo.

But that’s not all. In looking at the chart for Hawaii from the book “Horoscopes of the Western Hemisphere” by Marc Heeren Penfield, many planets, but especially the natal moon (ruling tides and water) of the city Hilo is conjunct with transiting Neptune and the natal moon of Honolulu is in opposition to Sedna. The Sun for the entire state of Hawaii is almost exactly conjuncting the transiting Saturn which also more loosely fits into this T-sqaure. Plus the natal position of Saturn for both the city of Hilo and Honolulu is in Taurus conjunct the transiting Sedna, meaning also squaring transiting Neptune and loosely Saturn in addition to the Sun for the new moon.

For those of you who haven’t studied astrology that last paragraph was just a “wa, wa, wa, wa” over the pa system of your school or local subway line.

I apologize for getting all technical but will suffice to say, I would postulate that because of an intense clash of two sea titans this year, they’ll be more water in many places this year than most people would want. Whatever happens, if you have access to a dvd player and are in Hawaii, ride out the storm with watching “Clash of the Titans.” Who doesn’t love winged horses, sea monsters, and a plot worthy of the best of soap operas?


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