It’s Lunchtime!

It’s Lunchtime!

I’ve been religiously bringing my lunch to work since I started my new job. It’s not just because making it yourself is so much less money than buying a $7-$10 lunch everyday and that by making it yourself you know what’s in it and can control how healthy it is. It’s also because quite honestly there are not a lot of lunchtime options where I work! I’ve discovered that if I’m not going to be able to buy a different meal everyday, I might as well just make a huge crock-pot of something over the weekend and bring it to work everyday. I’ve started to freeze portions so that I can rotate in different items over the week. However, what I haven’t managed to fit in is the greens, the fruits and vegetables.

Although I haven’t bought this Bento Box yet, I think I’m going to soon! I considered the larger three stack kind, but I thought it potentially too bulky. Plus I really don’t know if I want three items for my lunch. I just want a main meal and fruit or salad. This seems just the right size for a sandwich in one layer and a salad in the other. I also have always liked eating at lunchtime and then 4 hours or so later so that I don’t get ravenously hunger just as I’m leaving work, so having two slots allows for the “two lunches” option! Plus it’s super cute and easy to spot in the fridge when everyone else has ubiquitous hard to spot containers!

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