Happy Friday With Rue Magazine!

I usually try and enjoy every day as if it were Friday but after the past couple of intense weeks we’ve had, I’d just like to say “Happy Friday!” to everyone! I think I’m still mentally caught several weeks back, and yet April will be here by next Friday. Yes, that’s right, April is just around the corner. I am so not ready (and apparently with the snow we’ve been having, neither is Mother Nature).

But wherever you are with everything, one thing is sure, that you’ll love perusing through Rue’s new March/April issue! I’m not sure which story I like best; the “Dark Light Shining” with it’s California hippie, New-Age ambiance, the “Sweet Dreams in Spades” about Kate Spade’s new bedding line, or the 60’s and 70’s retro influenced “Theory of Relativity.” Any way you cut it, it’s some very inspiring stuff! A pick-me-up on a cold Spring day, I say read it now!


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