Full Moon Mixtape–October Hunter’s Moo...

Full Moon Mixtape–October Hunter’s Moon!

I’ve been spectacularly “out of sync” with things for the past week, almost like the world is moving ahead of me and I can’t seem to catch up. So I apologize that this mix tape is a bit late, the full moon having occurred on Friday at 9:38 pm EDT. I must be trying to get back in touch with myself during this Venus Retrograde phase, and consequentially am not so in touch with the flow of events going on around me. However, my goal is to get reconnected with myself, so I thought this Hunter’s Full Moon should be all about the quest to track down aspects of myself to get connected and move forwards again next month! We are already now into the intense sign of Scorpio, which loves nothing more than reassessment of internal structures, so it’s a great time to hunt down what makes you tick!

Hope you enjoy this mix and feel like you’re getting connected to your inner self as well!


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