A Way to Plan Vacations!

I’m all about planning. I love spontaneity, it’s just if you have a zillion things to do, how do you have the time to fit in spontaneity? I’ll do spontaneity more when I have a bit more free time and fewer balls in the air to juggle, but in the meantime as the Sun is now traveling through the signs of Goal Oriented and Planning Capricorn I think it’s time we devote some thought to ways to plan our lives better.

As I’ve been quite the sickie during my holiday vacation here with the family, I haven’t been my normal self, wanting to run here, there, everywhere and all by 6 pm. Yet still I want to plan my days! I can only attribute this to being high on the J on the Meyers Briggs test.

So it was most exciting when I found a new app for my iphone that I feel perfectly combines some Right Brain thinking with Planning! It’s called Diacarta (literally Day Map) and it has little icons and a clock wheel in the center and you can attach said icons that represent things like eating, drinking, skiing, sleeping, reading, etc to the wheel during certain hours. You can also tap on the icon to add more info if you like. This way you can literally map out your day!

Personally the icon based planning might be a bit too nebulous for my high J factor to want to use on a regular basis, but I do think this is the perfect way for those of us with a planning addiction (or those who don’t have a planning addiction at all!), to scale back on planning when we go on vacation! It let’s you feel like those two hours in bed with your coffee and then reading are productive, dammit! Walking the dog is productive! So is cocktail hour!

I can even add when I need to take my Mucinex! Speaking of which, I think it’s time for that again, and I need another two hours in bed reading. . . Back to my Diacarta!


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