World Cup Madness & More Predictions (from bo...

World Cup Madness & More Predictions (from both Paul and myself!)

I think more people will be watching the World Cup games tomorrow and Sunday  just because they want to know if Paul the Octopus is a true psychic! I know my predictions for the World Cup don’t come close to his accuracy rate, although I did say that Netherlands would win against Uruguay.  I will say that Paul’s only been predicting Germany’s games so far, so there really isn’t enough raw data to tell if he knows what he’s talking about! I also wonder if Germany wasn’t psyched out by Paul being such a Debbie Downer about their game! Seriously, did Paul steal Germany’s mojo?

It seemed to me from the brief amount of the game I watched while at the gym at the office that they weren’t the team I’d seen in action before. . . .Although I did note that Muller was not playing, and he is a Virgo, an Earth sign that right now has the support of transiting Mars through Virgo. He is one of  the 5 earth signs in the German team.  Without one they’d be down to 4, which compared to the 10 Earth signs of Spain, they seem a bit outnumbered. Spain is very possessive of the ball, and perhaps that’s one of the keys of the Earth signs success in soccer—instead of making risky moves, they keep plodding until the ball is past the goal line!

And in addition to Mars being in Virgo, Venus just moved started it’s transit there as well! Plus I should point out that we’ll behaving a solar eclipse in Cancer around the time of the new moon (3:30 pm edt) which will be almost halfway through the game! What does all this mean? Perhaps more than we think! Eclipses are supposed to have long standing effects, sometimes for years to come. The winner of this cup will go down in history as the first World Cup win for that country (and Cancer rules home, nation,family).  So whomever wins the cup, it will be a big moment for their home nation, and will perhaps have longlasting impact on it as well!

I’ve gone over the makeup of the teams in an earlier post, with Netherlands having the dominant of Air and Fire and Spain Earth and Fire. It’s really a tough call, only because each plays so differently. I will say though that the Natal Chart of the Netherlands shows very good transiting aspects to the eclipse, including the fact that it’s Ascendant is in Cancer–and eclipses that happen in the first house are usually a complete change to the entire image of the chart bearer! Plus it’s harder to tell what the eclipse will do with Spain because there are two charts for the country!

I will go for the Netherlands for the Cup and Germany for the match with Uruguay (although why they make people play after they obviously won’t win first is something I don’t understand yet). . . . If you want to read all about Paul’s predictions (which you probably already know!) go here!  Game On! 


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