Pendleton Rocks!

You all know I hail from the gloomy state of Oregon, even though I now reside in sunny Brooklyn. I grew up in P-town when grunge had just started, when the cool kids favored the existential angst of ripped jeans and flannel well before flannel was mainstream. Portland fashion is understated, and it’s not cool to wear something too flashy if you live there (rule of thumb: you can’t outshine the sun hidden behind the thick layer clouds).

Which is why I absolutely LOVE the new Pendleton Portland Collection! It’s what every Portlander aspires to in fashion: looking either like they just stepped out of an episode of “Twin Peaks” or are either about to embark or have just completed a spiritual journey to some mystical land! The “Canyon De Chelly” Scarf sold at Anthropologie is probably the only scarf that has the properties of not only keeping you warm but also attracting your totem animal and possibly your spirit guide at the same time, all while you stop in to get a piping hot cup of coffee to start your day! The “Sullana Mini-Dress” is stunning for your travels abroad to Guatemala or a hot date and could be pared in Winter with a turtleneck and thick leggings!

Now I’m getting nostalgic for those grey days where I did nothing but curl up with a book and stare outside at the never ending folds of clouds in the distance. But maybe I’ll just get a Pendleton Portland scarf and enjoy the sunshine here in Brooklyn!


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