It’s Mercury Retrograde-with a Neptune Twist...

It’s Mercury Retrograde-with a Neptune Twist!

Everyone says things change, break-down and in general don’t move linearly when Mercury is retrograde. While I’m not and advocate of stopping life when this time of year comes around, I do find that sometimes moving forwards the way that one wants is not  . . . readily available. Things, unforeseeable things, tend to stand in one’s way. It’s almost like there’s some sort of invisible door blocking one’s movement in a certain direction, for no particular reason it seems. Until of course Mercury goes direct and you find out why it was better not to go down a certain road, or even during the Mercury retrograde, some unforeseen information comes to light.

This Mercury retrograde is interesting, in that Neptune also went retrograde almost at the same time, on May 26th. While Mercury will go direct on June 19th Neptune will stay in reverse motion until the Fall. This combination of Neptune’s otherworldly aspects and Mercury seem to indicate that deceptions can be common at this time. That old saying “if it acts like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck” does not apply during this time. In fact, if it acts like a duck, quacks like a duck it actually might be a walrus, especially if you haven’t actually laid eyes on it.
So it’s important to take assumptions with a grain of salt at this time. When Mercury goes direct you could find yourself with a pet walrus and the golden eggs from your golden goose you were expecting will just not hatch. This is also a time where assumptions regarding the weeks prior to Mercury retrograde, called the Mercury shadow, will be busted. A good friend who’s new boyfriend said he wasn’t seeing anyone found condom wrappers in his trash. He admitted he’d been fooling around with not one, not two but three other woman. He thought it would make him “look bad” if he told the truth but as Mercury retrograde will always teach you, you look even worse when you lie.
I myself was forced to slow down due to a re-lapse of a horrible cold and laryngitis that forced me to reconsider what I had been saying and perhaps not saying to people in general. But I think that the funniest aspect of Mercury retrograde (with the “spacey” Neptunian retrograde influence as well) has got to be that NASA’s Space Station’s toilet broke and caused a “crisis of the loo” so to speak.  They did fix the um . . . problem.
So cleaning out the crap in your life, physically and emotionally, making sure your loo is in order, are all good things to do during this Mercury retrograde.  Who know’s what may come to light!

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