New Moon in Libra Today

I feel like the White Rabbit today: I’m late for everything yet I’m not entirely sure where I’m going! I attribute the sudden burst of speed and energy to the New Moon which occurred around 2:45 pm EDT today! Take a look at the chart above for what the planets look like in this new moon. You’ll see we have a lot of planets in Libra, Venus and Mars conjunct in Scorpio, and Jupiter and Uranus also still conjunct in Pisces. While the planets in Libra are 30 degrees (semi-sextile) away from Venus and Mars, allowing us productivity in creative pursuits this Moon Cycle, Venus and Mars are then 135 degrees, (sesquiquadrate) from the Good Luck Combo of Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, which is supposedly a somewhat challenging aspect. Does this mean we might not have the full blessing of Jupiter/Uranus on our new creative ventures, or does it just mean we’ll have to work for it? We’ll see! Plus, as I’ve been mentioning all week, Venus is going Retrograde in less than 24 hours (tomorrow morning in fact, around 3 am EDT I believe.) That’s some influence on the entire upcoming moon cycle! While Retrogrades usually slow things down–sometimes so much change happens, things don’t feel slow at all!

As for me, I’m running late but we’ll find out more soon!

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