A Change of Cards, A look at the “ShadowR...

A Change of Cards, A look at the “Shadow” of Mercury Retrograde!

I know this posting is a little past the start of the latest Mercury Retrograde Cycle, but I think it’s a good time to look back at what’s happened since May 6th, when Mercury started it’s Retrograde Cycle. Especially important I think is looking at the “Shadow”, the time before Mercury goes direct which is the degree to which Mercury will return in the retrograde cycle. The reason this is important is because it almost always seems like events that happen pre-retrograde in this shadow will somehow change during the actual retrograde cycle. It’s almost like you’re playing a game of cards and suddenly mid-game you find the cards in your hand have actually changed, and it’s like you’re playing a different game than the one you started. . .

So let’s go back in time to this “Shadow” period, which was between April 23rd and May 6th. I have two wonderful examples that I’ve seen that illustrate this example of how the “Shadow” period relates to the actual Retrograde period. One friend had been looking to buy a place, and in fact during this pre-retro period had even put down an offer and it had been accepted! She wrote a check and was waiting for the seller to officially sign the contract. Then comes Mercury Retrograde, after May 6th, and lo and behold the seller changes their mind! And the game has completely changed!
Another friend managed to get a job offer even before the “Shadow” period. But during the “Shadow” she actually started the job! Some astrologers would say this would be O.K. given that she actually started before Mercury went Retrograde, but it’s usually the “Shadow” period that shows were most of the game changes are going to occur! Sure enough, when Mercury went retro, the job she thought was going to be so good, fell apart pretty quickly and it was like the original job as advertised was never going to materialize, and circumstances beyond her control left her to now re-look for a new position!
This particular Mercury Retrograde is coming to a close soon. . . by the end of the day on Saturday, May 30th, Mercury will have gone direct again at 22 degrees Taurus, and will slowly return through that Shadow period until June 17th, this time with a knowledge of what the REAL game is! So while most likely many already have had their cards switched up on them and found themselves sitting at the craps table vs the high roller table they thought they were at, things still can switch up through Saturday. After that most likely things will be on more steady ground, and you’ll find out what cards you need to play for the next three months!

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