Harvest Moon on the Horizon

So much has happened since the eclipse on the 11th that I cannot believe that another full moon has arrived!

Tomorrow, Wednesday at 3:45 pm EDT the moon will be full, in what’s called a Harvest Moon because it’s the first full moon after the equinox and because of various astronomical reasons not fully understood by me, it rises earlier and closer to the same time each night than a full moon normally would.

This historically gave people more time to harvest crops by moonlight before the change in weather. Whether or not we’re harvesting literal or metaphorical crops in our lives, it’s a good idea to think about what’s come to fruition in our lives and give thanks for what the Summer has brought. I always find the end of Summer a little sad, but with appreciation of what one’s harvested, it’s easier to look forward to the new changes that the new season has in store for us!

May this first full moon of Fall herald in good changes to come for the entire season!


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