Cainer Love!

If you all haven’t been reading I suggest you do so–STAT! Sometimes I feel like he has some direct link to my thoughts, his daily forecasts are so eerily accurate.

Take for instance his forecast for Taurus for Thursday the 30th:

  • SpongeBob SquarePants lives in a pineapple under the sea. His best friend is a starfish. Are you beginning to feel that your life is about as ridiculous as Bob’s? Has everything got a bit of a surrealistic edge? Can you make no sense of what’s happening? Do you feel pressured for no good reason? Or, perhaps, for a good reason – but one you would still far rather be immune to? I can’t promise that you will soon be freed from feeling as if you have become a cartoon character but things should soon start to get a little less crazy.

Yes, I do feel like my life is making no sense Jonathan! And yes, I do feel like some bizarre cartoon character who isn’t quite on the same plane as everyone else. Is it unnerving me? Yes! Yes, it is!

I chalk up all of this insanity to the aspects in the sky of course, especially of the equinox of late. More rain tomorrow for all of the East Coast. There will be a Grand Square that will be activated tomorrow when the Moon, in Cancer (a water sign!), opposes Pluto while Squaring the Sun, Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter! Looks like another intense day in the neighborhood!

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