Cardamom Coffee!

If you’re in New York, or along the East Coast, you know that apparently monsoon season has started! This means it might be a little harder to get out of bed in the morning. But I recently splurged on a $20 spice/coffee grinder from Krups! This means in addition to being able to freshly grind those whole spices (that have been sitting on my shelf for longer than I’d care to admit), for curries and soups I can make myself cardamon coffee! Cardamom coffee is so deceptively simple, yet so wonderful! Just add some cardamom (freshly ground or already ground) to your coffee and it tastes like you’ve woken up in another country ready for a fresh adventure (even if in my case, my adventure is trying to learn Final Cut Pro on

Hope you’re able to power through your day in spite of the stormy weather!

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