A Mobius Scarf for the Equinox!

I am just in love with this “mobius scarf” on Purl Soho’s blog The Purl Bee! It’s so Equinox (yes, it’s an adjective!). Isn’t the equinox all about things melding back and forth between one another in an unbroken, infinity loop? I think it is! What a perfect thing for Fall! I have some spare yarn that I haven’t used (actually let’s be honest, I have tons of yarn that I haven’t used yet!) and so I think I must make this scarf!. But for those of you who don’t have any yarn, head on over to Purl Soho’s new store on 459 Broome street to get some, or order it from their website and check out their free pattern. I can’t think of anything cozier than a mobius scarf to send me into the chilly nights ahead!
Oh, and please forgive me for not putting the umlaut over the o, in mobius!

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