The Calm Before the Storm: The First Mercury Retro...

The Calm Before the Storm: The First Mercury Retrograde of 2009!

I’m starting to have that “Calm Before the Storm” feeling again! Yes, Mercury Retrograde is coming up again tomorrow January 11th and will be retrograde for the next three weeks, until February 1st! During this time not only will we get a new President of the United States, but we’ll also have a New Moon, a Chinese Lunar New Year and a solar eclipse all on the same day of January 26th! You can view this eclipse if you happen to be living in South Africa, parts of India, Australia, and especially Indonesia and South Pacific islands.

Let us recall that the last time we had a Mercury Retrograde in 2008, the global economy began it’s downhill slalom that does not seem to have ended yet. So what will this new Retrograde bring us? Well it will start off with the Sun in Capricorn and then move into Aquarius, which is exactly the opposite of how Mercury will start out at 8 degrees Aquarius and then retrograde to 21 degrees Capricorn and then move back to Aquarius once it has gone direct.
Again we are seeing a combination of Capricorn and Aquarius, just as we did on New Year’s Day when the Sun was in Capricorn and the Moon Aquarius! There is again the combination of Saturn and Uranus together that is the major theme for 2009. For this Retrograde the Shadow period began on December 26th just after Christmas Day and after Mercury goes Direct it will last until February 22nd until all aspects of the this Retrograde have resolved themselves.
But now we’re all wondering what is this Retrograde going to be about? Well with Saturn and Uranus involved, it most likely will be about business, the economy and how we are now a global economy partly spurred by the new technology of computers and the internet rather than a local one where we can pretend we are an island. Perhaps President Obama once inaugurated will vision a plan for the future involving business and detail how we will work with the rest of the world to re-make the world into a better place. ]
Perhaps also there will be more fraudulencies coming to light, in the same vein as Madoff the financial con artist, the Satyam founder who recently was discovered cooked the books of a well known Indian corporation, or our now in the process of being impeached Illinois Senator Blagovejich who was found to be trading the Senate seat of Obama’s for favors. Indeed there may be more scandals that come to light in the next three weeks which could demand actions and revisions in the course of our economic and political history.
The eclipse may provide even greater change than we anticipated, both personally and globally, but especially globally as it will take place at 6 degrees Aquarius. I’ll write more about the eclipse later on, but for now, it’s safe to say, if you are in the Northern Hemisphere where it’s cold and you want to sit back and review and reflect on 2008 and where you’d like to go for 2009 the next three weeks are a great time to do so!

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