Springing Forwards While Moving Backwards!

Springing Forwards While Moving Backwards!

You know that old saying. Two steps forwards, one step back. Or in this case, it may feel like two steps forwards, ten steps back, what with Mars, Saturn, and now Mercury all Retrograde! I can’t tell if it’s the balmy weather here on the East Coast or if it’s Mars and Mercury in reverse that’s making me feel like I can barely focus on anything! My productivity has for sure decreased lately, and I feel almost as if I’m in some sort of liminal space, neither here nor there.

We are about ready to have three important astrological phenomena this week! First the Equinox springs us forwards on the Tuesday morning the 20th at 1:15 AM EDT starting the astrological new year, then a day later Retrograding Mercury joins the Sun at 3:15 pm EDT which will hopefully provide fresh insight into this Mercury (and Mars) Retrograde cycle, and finally we have our Aries New Moon on Thursday at 10:35 am EDT.

Even though there is a preponderance of Mars/Aries energy, because both Mercury is Retrograding and conjuncting the Sun (and Moon) in Aries, and Mars ruler of Aries is Retrograde in Virgo (ruler of Mercury), the energy the universe is giving us is one of profound reflection and not running off to go hang gliding or bungee jumping! Plan accordingly and get those pens ready for a nice journaling session! Think about your life, where you are, and where you’d like to be. If you’re lucky, some profound transformation might happen in this Mars/Mercury Retrograde liminal of a space, and when both go direct, you’ll find a new Spring inside yourself, in addition to outside!

Equinox New Moon mix tape below, or here on spotify:

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