Reinventing Oneself is Hard Work!

Reinventing Oneself is Hard Work!

Now that our Venus Retrograde is well under way, having started on October 8th, I am full swing into this whole “reinventing myself” thing! When I got laid off one of the first things my father said was “Great! Now you can reinvent yourself!” I took it as a positive sign that he wasn’t at all worried and thought this was, in fact, a good thing, although my initial reaction was “What!?! I have to reinvent myself, AGAIN!!!?!”

Years ago I had gone to a New Orleans psychic who said that in my 40’s I would reinvent myself. I thought, “That’s awesome! Just when it’s the time that most people would think their options would be limited and closing in on them, I will instead be getting a second wind and living a whole new life!” Perhaps he mistook my 40’s for my 30’s or in fact perhaps I will just have two whole decades of reinventing myself, but whatever the case right now I’m rethinking everything about my life. Of course, the psychic also said that I would have 5 children, and not having found the love of my life yet, I’m not sure how that’s going to happen unless I pull an Angelina Jolie! But whether or not he was right remains to be seen.

I’ve noticed that when one reinvents oneself, it’s a process almost opposite to what many mystics and sages have talked about when they say that as life goes on it’s like an onion where layers get peeled away until you reach the core. I feel reinventing yourself is completely the opposite! It’s instead like a water droplet where the impact triggers a set of events in motion and expands outwards and it’s as the expansion happens that you feel yourself change and grow into a larger view of the world!

To give an example, I thought about of my favourite shows of all time, “Lost”. What was great about that show is that every year at the start of the new season, it literally reinvented itself. It grew and expanded in scope beyond it’s previous boundaries. It was like you suddenly got a jolt of a greater vision of how everything fit together and then that season worked on fitting all of that new information into the puzzle of the previous plot line.

Or another analogy might be those dreams that you have where you’re in your same old house or apartment, and suddenly you turn a corner and a door was there that wasn’t before! You open it and it’s a whole new room, wing, or even house!

Now that this whole revision process has started I feel like my “To-do” list has expanded exponentially! I need to revise my website, learn tons of new programs, in addition to re-thinking where I want to be in 5, 10 years. When one is in the middle of the “wave” of motion of expanding one feels a little “off-center” to say the least. I’ve been having strange new dreams, where I’m learning a whole new language of numbers and each number means something. It’s disorienting, and it’s hard work!

But all that you can do, and anyone can do, during times of relentless change, is try and go with the flow, and ride the wave until it lands you in an entirely different place than where you started–the place where you’re eventually supposed to be.

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