Partial Solar Eclipse on September 11th

Partial Solar Eclipse on September 11th

There’s a solar eclipse to occur on Tuesday morning with the greatest portion of the eclipse occuring around 8:32 am EDT. This eclipse is happening very close, even hour and minute-wise to the anniversary of September 11th. The partial eclipse can be viewed in South America and Antarctica.

As so many astrologers have already gone over the importance of this eclipse in terms of it’s relationship to September 11th, I won’t go over the same ground.

I think it’s important to see this eclipse instead of a reminder of the past as an opportunity for new beginnings. Solar eclipses are all about new starts. Things may be changing without your awareness. As Woody Allen says in the movie “Love and Death”, “The battle looks completely different when you’re in the middle of it than when you’re up on the hill.”

We’re all in the battle now, the portion where things may be changing without our realizing exactly what is happening. As this is a New Moon as well as a solar eclipse, and in Virgo, it’s a great time to consider changing aspects of your life that you’d like to improve. If you want to start exercising or eating healthy or reorganize any portion of your life, the days on or after September 11th are a great time! Saturn also recently moved into Virgo on September 2nd, giving you extra discipline to accomplish whatever your goal is. I’ll be discussing the effects of Saturn moving into Virgo later.

So even though you may not have an idea of what direction the winds are blowing in your life, take a moment of meditation at the start of Tuesday to realize that every day is a new start and that you can make a difference in changing the direction of your life.


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