Mid Summer Mayhem Mixtape!

I don’t know how everyone else’s Summer is shaping up, but just when it seemed like the hardest thing to deal with was going to be the heat, the unexpected happened, as they say, and medical mayhem ensued! And not just for me! I don’t know any other time when so many of my friends are going through some sort of medical drama; I’ve never heard of people having so many CAT scans, MRIs, x-rays, tests, treatments, and follow-ups! My head still hurts, literally, from everything that has happened!

The new Moon clocked in on July 19th with a very tense and tight Mars (action) Opposing Uranus (unexpected change), both Square Pluto (big change). The next 28 days, may be challenging ones, although with Mercury Trine Uranus, we might find some unexpected answers during this time!

We’re already in Mercury Retrograde, (began July 14th and ending August 8th) with the degrees traveling from 12 back to 1 in Leo. Today the Sun entered Leo itself, the sign of the heart and creativity. Often the Retrograde period is a time of re-evaluation of things that happened during the “shadow” phase before Mercury went direct, in this case the days between June 27th through July 14th.

So during this time, we might start to get some answers on the nature of what happened in that “shadow” phase in late June/early July! Although it is entirely possible that we will not have the full picture until August 22nd, when Mercury leaves the degrees it regressed over completely.

Pay particular attention to when Mercury conjuncts the Sun while Retrograde on July 28th! It’s possible some answers or insights might come to light then!

As for me, while the jury is still out, I do believe that once everything is in, it will confirm that I am never to eat lobster ever again!

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