Ho Ho Ho! It’s Mars Retrograde and Holiday S...

Ho Ho Ho! It’s Mars Retrograde and Holiday Smackaround with the Travel Plans!

Yes, Mars went officially Retrograde on Sunday December 20th at 8:27 am in New York. Anyone who lives here who hoped to be leaving for loved ones on a flight was brutally reminded that the universe sometimes has “other” plans for us. Which can include having our flight delayed for days (mine was to be on the 19th and according to Delta, they cannot get me to Oregon until the 24th).

I should have known to book that flight on Friday instead of Saturday! Astrologically it’s always wise when a planet is turning retrograde to clear at least 2 days before or after from anything majorly important in one’s life. Especially if it has to do with action and motion if you’re dealing with a Mars Retrograde. I thought I could squeak in under the wire and fly out on Saturday. Nope! A major Nor’easter had to roll on in!
Not to complain or anything but it will most likely take me 14 hours door-to-door to get home to Oregon. All that for three whole days, and then I will have to repeat said 14 hour process to get back to New York. Technically I think I could get a direct flight to India for that time. But it’s what we do for jolly old Santa Claus right?
This is where I sometimes wish I were Jewish or at the very least didn’t live so far away from my family. Most people don’t “hang out” with their friends for Christmas, which makes staying in New York a big drag if you’re single. I’ve done it before and let me tell you nothing is open except maybe a Chinese takeout restaurant. If I were Jewish, of course this all wouldn’t be an issue at all.
Don’t even get me started on how the rest of the month has been (can we say MASSIVE CHANGE on December the 1st when Uranus went direct very close to the full moon the next day) or how it will end (can’t wait for Mercury to go Retrograde on the 26th and to have that eclipse on the full moon on the 31st)! Could someone put me into a deep coma and wake me when this is all over? Seriously! I would pay good money to not have experienced December 1st onwards. Yes, it’s been that bad. But I can’t disclose details as don’t they make you sign something where you work saying you won’t talk about it? Answer: yes they do!
I’m sure there’s a silver lining here somewhere. I’m just not sure where it is. Maybe I’ll find it once Mars turns direct on March 10th. Wow that’s a long time from now! I guess sometimes one’s “just deserts” don’t come immediately and this year, we may have to wait until Spring to see anything good come from the time from October 17 until this past Sunday the 20th. It’s a dark time of year right now, and we know who’s been naughty and who’s been nice, but Santa may come down the chimney this Spring instead of this Christmas.
In the meantime don’t expect easy solutions, quick answers, or even a flight out of town.

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