Breaking News: Two World Collide!

I normally don’t post entries on news events, but this one may change the nature of our understanding the universe. It has been reported that today the Large Hadron Collider successfully managed to collide several particles!

This is exciting not just because my mother thinks this research will discover the existence of other dimensions, but because even if it doesn’t very well do that, it supposedly will elucidate the nature of the universe, recreating the Big Bang!
How often do you get that for 10 Billion dollars?!? We spent 787 billion just on the US Economic Stimulus package alone last year, and did it even do anything? We certainly didn’t get hard core answers about the nature of the universe from that (although we might have gotten hard core answers about the nature of politics).
I applaud CERN for putting money on something that actually might change up the game plan for us as human beings. Perhaps God can now be proven once and for all! Although, I will say that if this little collider does produce some strangelets or a pocket size black hole I am rather glad that the local Swiss will be testing the safety of this new knowledge before it gets to us!

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