Help is On the Way!

Help is On the Way!

Weeks after the hurricane and the power restored to my work building, the elevator lights still blink “Help in On the Way” on the ride up in the morning and down in the evenings. I’m not sure how many people noticed this, and I’ll admit, at first it was a little creepy. But I’ve decided to take it as a sign. I know that the events of the past couple of months, at least in the New York area, have been quite intense to say the least.

Hurricane Sandy created damage of immense proportions; it seems the T Square that inaugurated the Fall Equinox, and the subsequent Harvest Moon, involving Sun/Moon/Uranus/Pluto, has had its impact. We just finished a three week Retrograde of Mercury that had us revisiting things from around the time of the hurricane. We had a solar eclipse in Scorpio mid-month and now we’re finishing up the month with another Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, this Wednesday at 9:45 am EST. This Full Moon Eclipse has a strong Venus (Love)/Saturn (Time/Karma) and Mars (Action)/Pluto (Big Change) conjunctions that are Inconjunct (150 degrees) to the eclipsed moon at almost 7 degrees Gemini.

Inconjuncts are a very unstable aspect, and sometimes can manifest the unexpected, or something that needs to be resolved. I would say that this might produce some deep thinking about long term relationships/Creativity (Venus/Mars) and if there are changes needed (Pluto) to get where you want to go (Saturn). Venus/Saturn and Mars/Pluto have a harmonious aspect between them, so it looks as if the big changes in this area at least, may be easier than not and will ultimately be for the better (especially as the Moon is conjunct Jupiter in this eclipse). Not all effects from an eclipse happen immediately. Sometimes their effects can be felt a month later, so even though we are out of the Mercury Retrograde zone and heading into the jolly season of the holidays, there may be after effects of the eclipses on December 13/14 and 28/29th.

However, I do believe that “Help is On the Way!” Although it’s been a challenging Autumn full of change, perhaps more than we would like, we are less than a month away from the Winter Solstice, where another chart will influence the following three months as we move into the first portion of 2013. The Solstice chart is not nearly so intense as the Fall Equinox, and involves some lovely aspects between Venus (Love) /Mercury (Communication) and Uranus (Unexpected Change) /Moon (Feelings), as well as the Sun with both Saturn (Discipline) and Neptune (Spirituality). I don’t think that the Mayan calendar change on 12/21 will signify end of days as some speculate. However, it might be shown that “Help is On the Way!” A playlist with the same name, below, as we start the holiday season!

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