February Trapper’s Full Moon!

February Trapper’s Full Moon!

This month’s Full Moon, which clocked in at around 4:50 PM EST this afternoon, might have a little more intensity, and seriousness than most Aquarian/Leo full moons. Why? First, Saturn, Mr. Karma, joined the Mars bandwagon and turned Retrograde earlier this morning around 9 am. Saturn will move backwards in the sky for the next 6 months, giving us ample opportunity to review the previous six months in order for us to understand cause and effect enough to re-do what must be re-done! One of Saturn’s lessons is to keep re-doing something until it’s done right, so it’s no wonder if you’re feeling a little “serious” today.

In addition to Saturn going Retrograde in Libra, it’s still technically opposing Jupiter in early Taurus at the moment. Jupiter is Lady Luck, so you can see the dichotomy presented when Lady Luck is on one side of the room and Mr. Karma is on the other and they’re probably not going to be tangoing the evening away. Especially because, although not exact Venus in Pisces (now Aries) is still opposing Retrograde Mars in Virgo. Opposites do attract, although with this much tension in the room, plus the Full Moon Sun/Moon opposition, it seems things may be more at odds than moving in unison.

Happily, Saturn is Trine Neptune, and Jupiter is Trine Pluto, so one way or another change for the better will happen, it’s just a matter of how! It may seem that wolves and werewolves are howling at your door, but perhaps it won’t be like the story of little red riding hood after all! Have a listen to the “Trapper’s Full Moon” mix tape below!

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