New Growth in the Middle of Winter!

It may sound strange, but I am not always keen on starting to grow plants from seed either in the Spring or in the Summer. But in Winter, I always like to see fresh growth inside my apartment! While the latest seeds may not have appeared yet in your favourite horticultural shop, I usually have a few packs lying around from earlier in the year and I do my best to start a few new plants at this time of year when everything outside is barren and it’s downright chilling to the bone outside!

Although one doesn’t always need a terrarium to start these new additions to your plant family if your house or apartment is particularly cold, especially if you are starting them near a window a cloche or terrarium is not a bad idea. And I love this hexagon cloche from Terrain! It’s so 70’s and would go so well in my apartment, right alongside the ginormous avocado tree started from a seed, and the Woman Woman TV series DVDs. Although I daresay that my apartment is even too warm to need a cloche, remember that terrariums can be multifunctional even if you’re not starting seeds in them! They can house holiday ornaments, and be centerpieces in their own right!

But whether or not you decide to start a few plants from scratch this Winter, remember that just because it’s miserable outside doesn’t mean you can’t find growth inside–your apartment and yourself!


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