More Footnotes on Retrogrades

One interesting thing that can happen in a year with so many retrogrades is that “shadows” of many retrogrades can happen together.

For instance right now, we’re in the September 22 through October 11th Mercury pre-retrograde shadow but we’re also in the Mars September 18th through November 15th pre-retrograde shadow! Yes the Mars pre-shadow is that long, mainly because the Mars retrograde is that long! The Mars retrograde lasts from November 15th of 2007 all the way through January 29th of 2008!

So it may be a good time to take note of where one is as this may facilitate the retrogrades ahead. Often I think astrologers say not to start anything “new” during a retrograde because there’s usually so much traffic or backtracking that needs to be done that there are much more pressing things that need to be taken care of once the retogrades start. Retrogrades are a great time to rest though! Take a relaxing yoga class or unwind in the steam room or suana. Maybe for once, with all the retrograde energy this Thanksgiving, Holiday and New Year season we can get some rest!

One critical thing to note about Mars retrogrades is that one may need more rest literally and physical things including one’s physical body may need “re-pairing.” If we’re pushing too much or neglecting our health we may get a rude shock!

Sometimes the shadow period tells us what we may have to deal with. For instance, I know that Mars will be going retrograde through my 1st house, which is the house of the physical body/self, so even more than normal it may physically enhance my need for rest and relaxation. I know that I got a rude awakening just after the September 18th shadow by pulling my back out through carrying too heavy a backpack on a weekend trip. I realized that as I’ve been working so hard, I haven’t been focusing on my workouts, and keeping that very important core strength that is necessary to protect the back.

While I’m feeling much beter, it was a big wake-up call for me, as I’ve never had any back issues before ever. One has to be diligent to take care of oneself–exercise and rest go together. Action needs repose. So it’s something to think about over the holiday season–be good to yourself, because in the end, who else will? No one else can make you exercise or eat well except yourself. Like physics for every action there’s a consequence. If your body isn’t in balance and is in pain, it’s telling you something needs to change. Maybe it’s not just rest, but action needs to be taken in a new way–for instance focusing on core strength for me.

So for the rest of 2007 and the beginning of 2008 the theme may well be to re-think your plan of action!


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