Late Summer Harvest Clouds Mix Tape!

Late Summer Harvest Clouds Mix Tape!

My mind has been a blank sky with clouds passing over it for the past couple of weeks. Very Zen-like, but not very good for writing blog entries. Sometimes, you just float along thinking of puffy clouds, cooler breezes, and green grass, even though it’s soon to be full into Fall, and boot season and cold weather is just around the corner. Deep in a dream, I blame it all on the Mercury opposite Neptune aspects we’ve had the past month. We’ve also had a positively dreamy Full Moon this Monday morning at 5:27 am EDT. I’ve included the chart below so you can see how trouble free it’s been.

We have a Grand Trine including Mercury, Jupiter, and Pluto, Mars and Venus in happy 60 degree sextile aspect, and even the previous challenging aspect of Mars Square Saturn has now let up. Uranus in Aries still Squares Pluto in Capricorn, which means the general world challenges of Sudden Radical Personal Change vs. Big Change in Government is still present, but nothing is ever perfect! I’ll take these beautiful last days of Summer any day! So enjoy the“Late Summer Harvest Clouds” mix tape as well as some time outside before the sun passes the equinox this year.


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