Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

I am in an unprecedented Holiday Mood, especially given my work (or lack thereof) challenges at the moment! Perhaps it’s because for the past two years because work was SO insane (I could write a book about how insane it was–oh wait-It’s NaNoWriMo and I am!) that I really haven’t had a chance to properly celebrate the holidays for the past two years. I almost put up my Jingle Bell holiday wreathe (that I never got around to putting up ever) except I need to get a wreathe hanger. I did put up my stockings (hung them from the “chandelier” in the living room) and put out some candy canes in a jar on the “mantel.”

Perhaps that’s why I love these Jingle Bell earrings by Kate Spade! If you’re going to go around saying “I’ll be there with bells on!” you might as well come through on the threat! I already want to start going to holiday shin-digs and it’s only the 18th of November. Can’t wait til December!


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