This is Not a Post: The Treachery of Images

This is Not a Post: The Treachery of Images

It’s been another exhausting news week. It seems we for sure know that a tsunami hit Japan and nuclear chaos ensued during the month of March. But May started off with the big question of “Is Osama Bin Laden really dead?” I hate to admit it, but I asked myself the question. I’m sure you might have too. Are we so accustomed to seeing the “live” version of things that we cannot believe something unless it’s been televised in a blow-by-blow account, a la reality-tv? But as we all know, from the Bachelor and Bachelorette, to Survivor, the observation of camera does not necessarily produce “reality”. For everyone loves to pose for the camera.

Which is why this week, after a rainy Wednesday and too long a debate about an image of someone who might or might not be dead, after work I just wanted to retire to my nest and curl up on my couch. I now wish I had this match strike from Jonathan Adler to put on a shelf, as not only would it be useful for lighting an atmospheric candle, but it would remind me that things are not always as they seem. This is not a pipe. It is a match strike. Everyone knows of the painting by Rene Magritte. But do you remember that it’s title is “The Treachery of Images”? A useful reminder in these modern times.


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