Heat Wave O-Rama! The weather and the planets are ...

Heat Wave O-Rama! The weather and the planets are Scorching!

I’ve had it with this whole “heat wave” in New York! Up until yesterday I’d been trying to roll with it. Outdoor “She & Him” concerts, Jazz Age Lawn Parties,
movies with friends. . . But yesterday trekking to New Jersey for a day-time BBQ for friends who will be moving to San Francisco soon, tipped me over the edge! Once at the BBQ (which was shaded) I was fine: it was getting there waiting on overheated subway platforms and walking in the 90 + heat that finally had me thinking by the time that I got back to my apartment that in fact maybe I did have a mild case of heat exhaustion—what with my brain feeling like Jello, being nauseous and only feeling OK when lying horizontal on my bed in front of the AC.

After several cold showers and the return of some of my mental faculties, I remembered that it’s not only been the heat that’s been intense lately, but that also this is a jam packed weekend for intense astrological transits! A Jupiter Square Pluto aspect took place yesterday evening, tonight we have a full moon around 9:30 pm EDT, and then tomorrow we have a culminating Saturn opposite Uranus.

The bigger pictures of this (I’ve attached a visual below) is that Jupiter (Expansion, Growth) is conjunct Uranus (big sudden change) and both are opposite Mars (Action) which is conjunct Saturn (Discipline) and all of these planets  are Square Pluto (God of the Underworld—Change you Cannot Escape).  And it’s all going to be the more intense for you if you have planets at the tail end of  Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius,  Gemini, or just at the beginning of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn!

It’s no wonder I had a headache last night!  These are the kind of transits that
pretty much have you wondering if you’re on track with your life, doing the right thing, or if somehow you’re screwing up the future by breathing the wrong way. I’ve been reading a lot of Graham Greene lately after scoring a 1958 original of  “The Comedians” at a Pop-Up Event in Brooklyn a couple months ago.  Just started “Our Man in Havana” which has some of the best quotes
I’ve read in a while. For instance this one which seems appropriate to my state
of mind at the moment:

“ . . . it was only when Wormold had lain down that he remembered the postcard to Dr Hasselbacher was still on the sergeant’s desk.  It seemed to him to have no importance; he could always send another in the morning. How long it takes to realize in one’s life the intricate patterns of which everything – even a picture-postcard– can form a part, and the rashness of dismissing anything as unimportant.”

Yesterday had me questioning my entire existence in NY and whether or not I should even stay here, as people keep telling me I’d have a much easier time in my love life if I were anywhere else but here! They say I would be able to find a guy who is more ‘simpatico’ on the West Coast, and maybe they are right; the low humidity weather would just be an added bonus. But how to make such a radical move and is it even the right thing?

All of this questioning seems to be driven by  the Jupiter/Uranus conjuction oppose Mars/Saturn. It’s like on one side is radical change that will allow growth and the other is determined stability and ability to take action. But the two are NOT working together!  Full moons like tonight are supposed to bring fulfillment and culmination but all I feel is a gnawing discontent and questions circling around my brain while the wind tunnel of my AC and fan set the appropriate while noise of confusion.

I suppose though that all of this is to be expected given that our new moon two weeks ago was an eclipse, and that also last months full moon was also an eclipse and sometimes eclipses take a month or so to have full effect.  .  .

Anyhow, this is all just to let you know that if you’re sorely confused, you’re not alone! But as they say, perhaps the unexamined life isn’t worth living, so this weekend and the weeks to follow might be a good time to do some inner searching, taking stock of where you are, and where you’d like to be, and seeing if some real changes need to be made for the rest of 2010 or beyond!


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