Cuter than Pie!

I’m filing this adorable manicure kit under “To Buy” the next time I order something from the fabulous store! It seems ridiculous just to buy on it’s own given that it’s slightly more than shipping cost itself, but isn’t it adorable? I must admit that although I feel I lucked out in the hair department in terms of wash n’ wear ability, I certainly did not luck out in the nail department. I used to joke that my nails split like mica, except no one got the joke (unless of course you were a geologist and know what mica is and how it spits). It’s no wonder my father wanders around with a nail clipper at all times; I inherited this sad phenomena from him clearly as my mothers nails are fine. All the vitamins in the world haven’t helped so I think I’ve just got to take the cue from dear old dad, and get a set to keep in my purse. As I know too well, there’s nothing worse than trying to cut off an nail that’s started to split with a pair of scissors (and sad to say, I’ve done it too many times because I’ve been sans nail clipper at the time!).

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